Thursday, December 27, 2012

a special event

I've already spoken about the fact that it takes an entire team - working together cohesively to create a production like we enjoyed this past weekend.  Now I am ready to show you more of the results.  You may watch the service in it's entirety by going to click beside Last Week:  Watch Service

I am still getting feedback and tons of questions about different elements of the services, exciting when conversation continues after the lights go off!  Exactly what we hoped for - thoughtful consideration of the message and in God's timing - life change!  THAT is what we all prayed for !!

Sickness hit one team member after another.  But they pushed through!  Even tonight's rehearsal for this coming weekend got canceled until Saturday because Dan is ill. 

Everyone involved in this past weekend worked diligently  - to allow the Lord to use them and I will always be very, very grateful.  It was such an amazing experience, I am anxious to begin planning next year's soon!

Please enjoy some of the images that I will always remember as one of the greatest team efforts in Crossroads' history.  (some are taken at rehearsal, some right before the service)

Panoramic of the whole stage
Drummer Boy
One of the marching images a team member created

Our vintage accordion!

a far off shot from the sound booth - I LOVE this EP!

strings rehearsing in front of an original EP video background

My personal favorite!  The electric cello!

Bass playing under 'the' star

A shot through the mic holder!  Hi Scott!

Austin on guitar and Brian on percussion - amazing!

A hammer dulcimer that my son-in-law carried home from Cambodia!  Played by my daughter!

Chrystie's beautiful voice!

Happy to have Brian with us this year!

I couldn't help peeking through the drum cage for a shot!

Steve Feazel...just an amazing voice!

I was privileged indeed to lead this effort - bringing together amazingly talented musicians, singers and a brilliant technical team!  It was so beyond us that it was clearly God who was here - God who anointed these services and blessed those who attended. It was indeed a very special event!

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