Saturday, December 1, 2012

time to stare

My week is nearly over and I realize I've missed a couple days of being in the Word.  I knew there was no higher importance this morning than to read.

I love the fact that each morning our Daily Reading is posted on the Crossroads Facebook Page.  You can click on (listen) or just read.  They choose various passage that all support one another and even on my most busy day, I always come away with something applicable from the passages!

HOWEVER, in my easily distracted state it takes discipline to sit and soak.

What I have found is my heart is much more ready and my understanding is much more focused when I  site and stare for a while before I begin.

Today, with my Christmas tree lit and everything ready for the holidays, I just sat and thanked God for the years of blessings that each ornament represented.  I just sat and stared..

How the years have flown by...takes my breath away.    He's an extraordinary God!

Once I calmed my mind I read and instantly knew why my soul cannot survive apart from His promises.  I read the passage assuring that God only requires faith the size of a Mustard Seed.  I find that terribly encouraging.  I have that much faith even on a bad day.

I have heard several people say over the years ..."I'm just not ready yet to follow God, someday I will.  I believe in Him though...I just don't know if I have that much faith"  No one is able to 'get themselves' ready for God, He calls us - we have faith and believe.

His scripture is a lifeline - you HAVE to read to know Him.  His words renew my faith.

Today, I am full simply because I started the day staring and thinking, reading and listening.  So simple to be in Love with the Savior!

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