Monday, December 3, 2012

my day off

Puppy.  That's my day off. Training.

I've spent more time outdoors today then I can remember doing in a very, very long time.  SOOO thankful for the temperature! interesting concept.

If you repeat something often enough - it becomes habit.  And so it begins.

However, habits can become mindless, this is good when it comes to puppy training, but not to my life.

It's funny what sometimes 'undoes' me.  This weekend the song I've sung a hundred times, so much so that the lyrics are memorized and sometimes mindless - penetrated my understanding.

Your glory shines, You teach the sun
When to bring a new day
Creation sings, God, You reign

God, You reign, God, You reign
Forever and ever, God, You reign

You part the seas, You move the mountains
With the words that You say
My song remains, God, You reign

You hold my life, You know my heart
And You call me by name
I live to say, God, You reign

The Creator of the Universe, the One who decides when the sun shines - HE holds my life...
and calls me by name!
He is mad about his bath...pouting eyes!

I can hardly read it now.  I feel Him washing over me as I type - he alone deserves every minute of my day, my thoughts, my accomplishments should be for Him only.

 OVERWHELMING gratitude pores from my eyes and soul.

Like the ashamed, pitiful eyes of my puppy when he's scolded - I too turn my mind and eyes upward begging Him to forgive me and love me and show me what I am to spend my life doing.  I really, really mean that, I don't care about anything else.  I don't.

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