Wednesday, December 12, 2012

creating Christmas

Tonight I stayed just a little while longer to go over a few remaining Christmas service creative details at Crossroads.  Little did I know it would be a unexpected night of deep rewarding conversation.

I had one quick technical meeting planned, but that had to wait when I ran into a friend at The Coffee House that needed to chat.  I spent time encouraging them and discussing things to come and tried to catch up since we hadn't spent much time together recently.

Next my Tech appointment arrived.  We spent time looking at the small behind-the-scenes details that we prayed would make Crossroads' Christmas weekend an extremely meaningful night and just a huge blessing to all who attend!

Finally, the best surprise of all.

Following these meetings I found myself alone in The Coffee House with my daughter, just the two of us talking until it was time to close down shop.  It's funny how you can be 'around' someone an awful lot and still not communicate as deeply as you'd like due to busyness.  An amazing ending to a busy day!

Creating Christmas always holds within it many roadblocks, usually one of our team battling illness or an unexpected difficulty, and a few disappointments of projects not coming together, but in the end all the little meetings, talks and time spent creating all come together in the Savior's hands as He accepts our work and uses it as He will.

The creative process is amazing to watch and a blessing to be a part of as we cover the services with prayerful expectations of hope returned to the hopeless and lives changed forever.

Mark your calendars for Friday - Monday, December 21 -24 @7:00 p.m.  at Crossroads

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