Saturday, December 15, 2012

when evil takes lives

I woke up thanking the Lord for a wonderful nights sleep - the best I've had in weeks.  Just what I needed to get the day going.

Now however, I'm finding it's hard to begin.

 It feels wrong to organize and begin to wrap gifts for my kids right now.  Waking up thinking of such trivial things soon brought a sense of guilt as my mind recalled yesterday's tragedy.

 All I can picture are the gifts intended for the diseased that now lay forever unwrapped... so I pray

When evil takes lives, especially the lives of young children it diminishes the value of all that's normal around me as my heart aches even though I have no personal connection.

The enemy, the evil one, has not only succeeded in destroying lives forever, but has also possibly managed to remove the ability to ever celebrate the Savior's birth again for these families - maybe even turning them totally against the only true God, blaming Him for allowing this tragedy.  Evil appears to have won, but think with me about what will happen next.,,

Pray diligently for these communities  -  Churches that haven't been full in years will be this weekend and beyond.  We must pray for opportunity for the believers in that area of the country to minister to these families and help them make sense of the senseless.  Every tragedy I've ever followed closely allows you in the end to see God's hands, and what the enemy intends for evil God uses for good.  Every single time.

This didn't happen because people have guns, I read recently about a similar tragedy in Japan, where a man entered a room of small children and killed I believe almost as many with a knife.  A HIDEOUS crime.  My point, don't get distracted by what or who to blame, this evil was planned by a disturbed human being.    It would have happened no matter what he had to use in order to commit the crime.

Join me in prayer for these families all day today.


                                                                      As you wrap your gifts
                                                                                   pray for the families' with
                                                                              unwrapped gifts in Connecticut.


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