Monday, December 17, 2012

night #1

Tonight is our first rehearsal and night of preparing tech support for our Christmas services.

one of our EP backgrounds

The enemy knows where and how to hit us, details overlooked, changes that don't get communicated, careless words...but God is Mighty and He is sovereign and all will be as He wills it- we just need to get through the preparations!

I haven't reached the point of anticipation yet, too buried under the details right now - but, we'll get there.  Right now I am remain in a state of prayer...covering all the staff praying for protection from illness, prayer for rest and for cooperation among the team.

The details pale in comparison to the message that must get out.I've never felt so desperate for that to happen.  The only message that can bring any shred of hope to a hopeless nation and world.

A Savior who is Christ the Lord...

May our work proclaim the message of Emmanuel so loudly that many, many people meet you Lord for the very first time!

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