Friday, July 20, 2012

discouraging day

Today I found out several things that were very discouraging.

First I got a message that the set design materials that I had ordered are now backordered and will not be here until the 2nd week of Pastor's Tim's new series, Systematic Theology.  THAT is discouraging!

So, do I create a temporary set design while waiting for the supplies I really wanted to arrive, or design something completely different?  Down right discouraging!

The other thing I found out was about some struggles one of my relatives are having.  It's really just a sin issue and is terribly discouraging and very disappointing!

And finally, I came to the office today with a plan for attack on all the tasks that needed to be finished.  It was doable.  It didn't get done.  I didn't take into consideration - conversations  -  several people that I wanted to explain new projects to and items I needed to order over the phone -all took longer than anticipated.  So I left with work goals not met.  I took discouragement with me.

Poor me...

Then about 6:00 pm this evening I gained perspective as I began to listen to the updates concerning the Colorado killings, the frustration of those searching for the Ohio strangler and heard voices of the family members who are totally in shock at the horror that has just changed their families' lives forever.  Perspective.

I have no right to be discouraged about anything, absolutely nothing in my life compares to the struggles of those on the news reports.  Selfishly I pray it never does.

The best way to look away from your own discouragement, is to take your eyes off of yourself and notice what others are going through.  Even in the middle of bad - there are ALWAYS far worse things near by, always.

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