Thursday, July 5, 2012

a difficult adjustment

Several team members have spoken of difficulty adjusting back from our trip to Cambodia to our Ohio time especially in regard to sleeping schedules.  I haven't struggled with sleep, but I've had a difficult time in others ways.

Primarily, spiritual.

While in Cambodia I felt so connected to the Lord, so spirit filled, as if God was everywhere I looked.  In Cambodia it was black or white - good or evil.

Since returning I realize that I have to search hard and be constantly mindful of pursuing Him.  It is as if He has disappeared from our society.  We bring Him out, sort of, on Sundays.

He is hidden deep in our souls, those of us who know Him and many times forbidden by our busyness to come out and interfere or affect our day.  We have so much to keep us busy, satisfied (although only temporarily) so that most of the time we don't need God.

It is grey here, not black and white making it much more difficult to recognize true children of God - it has become confusing to know who even to share our faith with.  No one thinks they need the Lord.

Where no apparent need exists it is nearly impossible to encourage change.

America is quickly becoming one of the top countries that missionaries are being sent to and I now understand even more so, why.  It is dark here.

My longing is to live a spirit filled life every day here, not just when I go into foreign needy lands.  Our country needs us to live differently and to be set apart and to never stop seeking deeper relationship with the only one who satisfies us, Jesus Christ.

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