Thursday, July 19, 2012

people take things

People take things that don't belong to them.

I recently heard about a lady who was trying clothes on at a store.  When she walked out of the dressing room to pick up the other clothes she wanted to try on and returned, a lady was in her dressing room with the door locked.  She told her it was her dressing room to get out.  The lady inside the dressing room said, "hang on I'm pulling my pants up".

She opened the door and stormed out.

Later that night the credit card company called her to see if she had requested a cash advance sent to a certain account.  She told the company she had not.

The lady that took over her dressing room had taken pictures of her credit card and drivers license and immediately got cash deposited to her account.

Why do people take things?

It's laziness, sometimes addiction driven, perhaps a thrill to sneak around and see what you can get away with and just plain evil.  Who knows what all the reasons or excuses are.

It's sin of course.

Some of the scams people create are invented by brilliant minds that could accomplish so much if used for good instead of evil.  I can only imagine what their time and work could do if their hearts belonged to the Savior instead of the evil one.

Upon hearing this story I was appalled and went on and one about the nerve of people...

Then I remembered that all sin is equal in the eyes of the Lord.

If I gossiped today, if I coveted what another had today, if I was lazy today and didn't work hard enough to earn what I was paid - I also took what wasn't mine - I would be equally guilty.

In that regard I assume that in the eyes of God that all people take things.  

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