Saturday, July 14, 2012

a moment to think

Today  - with the house to myself I finished my work and finally have a moment to think before leaving for a wedding and then for church.

A moment...

How much can be thought in a moment?

If you could get in my head you would realize a lot can happen in a moment...not all of it happens in a neatly laid out order - probably more like panicked chaos!  But a lot happens.

I am always surprised how much even a brief time-out can help me when I'm feeling overwhelmed by a looming project or responsibility.  Today that is true.

A huge calm always comes over me when things are in their place and clean at home and I then sit down for a period of time and think and write and pray.  That time is now.  My physical house is clean and I desperately desire my heart and soul to be orderly and pleasing to God too.

I need God to fill my heart with the only things that matter...with only those things.

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