Thursday, July 12, 2012

the pressure to write

With a blog, if you take it seriously in the least, there comes pressure to write.

The past couple of days the pressure, sense of obligation and commitment to my blog have not been enough to push me toward the computer.  Way too many 'to do's' have blocked my way.

Moving from vacation into a short - major work week has blown all creativity and daydreaming completely out of me.  They are replaced with facts and figures and incomplete projects  - every turn revealing yet another task to be done - the drive to complete tasks pushes me past creative thought.

Tonight I sit at the end of another busy, tiring, yet strangely fulfilling day wondering how to coax creativity back into my mind.  Writing is something I love to do and yet if falls at the end of everything else I must do most days.

I need to live my days in reverse I suspect ...

Hey...was that last sentence a creative thought ?

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