Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what I learned today

I was reminded again this morning just how important it is to give God time each day - focused time for study and prayer.   It is always amazing -  spending time with Him.

Why would I ever put other things before Him ?  There is no justification - even 'working' for Him is not what He values most.  He wants our undivided attention - a little bit of my 24 hours is the least I can give.

Perhaps this rendering is similar to the boat John was transported in ... no luxury liner for sure!
Today I read in Revelation - the story of John as a very elderly man being banished to the island of Patmos.  He was transported in a rough boat of some kind - no comfort for an elderly man bouncing around on wooden seats -

John had options.  Die a disappointed grumbling old man - or seek 'why' God sent him here.  If he had become bitter and turned from God he would have never had the revelation that God was about to give Him.

How much do I miss because I become discouraged and focus on the difficulties?  I can't even begin to image how much...embarrassing.

Complaining, being negative toward others, focusing on the 'why me' will cause us as believers to miss the most important revelations God has for us.  Clouds always represent times that our faith will be strengthened if we keep our focus on Him.

My prayer today is to watch for God's leading all day long.  No minute of our day is uncovered by God's plans for us - join me in staying open to Him today.   How exciting to have another day in the Lord!!

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