Monday, May 21, 2012

my day off

I've been in my #1 favorite spot twice deck.

Early this morning it was organizing the day, promoting some coming events at Crossroads, organizing some meals for a recovering member of the Magnification team and an email to a ministry leader elsewhere.

Then to the dentist.  WAY overdue for an examine  - but, "Look Ma no cavities!"  Even as I sat in that chair I gave thanks as they reported - great blood pressure and no indication of any kind of gum disease or of oral cancer!  God is good!

I felt I deserved a trip to my favorite store Gabriel Brothers following the dentist - my husband tried so hard to be patient, and I think he bought more for himself than I did.  The difference - he was done in 15 minutes, me...not so much!

The second time on the deck - my time!  Bloggin' - obviously,  as I inhale the delicious fragrance of chicken on the grill- these are the things that make a great day off!

I have several people waiting for articles that I would love to knock out tonight...but, not so sure if I'll get to them or not.  That's the beauty of a true day off - you get to decide what comes next, what burns up your day.

My day is going quickly - but as storm clouds begin to gather I breath deeply and slowly and thank Him for peaceful decks and my husband and our family and our amazing friends and for days off ... and for chicken...

Where is your favorite spot on your days off?

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