Friday, May 25, 2012

not afraid of old

I can honestly say, I'm not afraid of being old.

BUT the process of BECOMING old is annoying.

Lately my biggest symptom is forgetfulness.  Repeating every story at least 5 times to the same unfortunate people.  The glassy looks that cross their faces as they try to be patient signal it's time to be quiet and move on to new material.

My doctor at my well exam this year said, "Get used to it - it's an actual characteristic of mid-life for women especially."  Great!

So for now I'll try to begin each story with, "Have I already told you this..." and pray the patience of my closest friends and relatives can tolerate my forgetfulness.

I have to wonder why as a woman begins to change later in life - that God designed this to be something we experience?  Interesting to consider.  I wonder what good can possibly come of it?  Maybe it keeps me  humble?  More considerate of others struggles?  Maybe it just makes me think twice before I speak!

Whatever the reason is, God designed me as I am so I accept that I'm aging - and I'll give my best shot to do so gracefully!

Now, what was I doing.....

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