Thursday, May 31, 2012

no words to write

I have been absent the past few days because all my words got used up within my work.  I had no words to write, so I didn't.

I missed it though.

Writing to me is private even though I share it, my thoughts, my desires for maturity and requests for additional grace pour out here.  There are times I feel I would surely explode without writing.  And so most days I write.

It takes little effort to empty my thoughts onto paper or into cyberspace, but these past few days and nights have been so full of other detail there was no extra time for thought, no extra words to say.

Soon there will be more words than I can possibly write.

I am moving toward one of the most incredible 2 weeks of my life-  in Cambodia, I am trying to prepare well, organize my thoughts to share with you, and I pray that I can some how open the doors for you to see deeply into another part of the world in a way that brings the experience alive for all of you.

Please pray for our team and for the next weeks of preparation.  So far we have learned the dances we need to know to dance with the beautiful children, received the shots that we need to receive in order to protect us from disease and now we pray and rest and try to wrap our heads around the amazing opportunities that lay ahead.  Due to the particularly large group of Crossroads members going - prepare for our ministry to change.  It will.  It is about to become an extraordinary time in Crossroads history...I really believe the best is yet to come!

Thank you for reading.

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