Wednesday, May 9, 2012

fallen soldiers = no mothers day

I was saddened tonight when the news gave the details of several funerals for soldiers fallen in war.

The TV pictures of these brave, handsome young men in the prime of their life made it very difficult to believe they were actually gone.  I think in both cases it was a road-side bomb that cut their lives short.

The day these men left for the service was a day that probably brought great worry and constant concern to their mother's lives.  But I would guess you never really believe it can happen to you...the loss of a young son passing before you do.  Horrifying.

No happy Mother's Day this year...or maybe ever again...

As we approach mother's day this week, I couldn't help but pray for the moms of these two men.  How different their weekend will be this year - all because of the evil and hatred that fills this fallen world.

It made me ask myself if I really believe what I say - "that my children belong to the Lord"?  I've heard those words come out of my mouth before.

Do I mean what I say - or are they mine all mine!?

Sunday on Mother's Day, please join me in praying for the Mother's without their fallen children.

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