Thursday, May 17, 2012

are you generous

I am often surprised by people's generosity.

We recently received some anonymous donations made in our name to help us with our trip to Cambodia.  Amazingly generous!  A complete surprise!

I have been overwhelmed at how generous friends have been to our kids as well- a car, and 2 living room furniture sets among many other things given to them!  Unbelievably generous!

And just tonight as we sat in a restaurant talking to an old friend, I received a generous offer to "see what he can do" for an event I'm overseeing.  So very generous!

Makes me ask myself - am I generous?

Sometimes  - not always.

 Giving for the wrong reasons completely negates the giving in the first place!  Generosity is not measured or based on how much you give away or help others, it's measured in attitude.

What is the attitude with which you give?

Do you give out of obligation?  pride?  to be noticed and appreciated?  only when it doesn't require a true sacrifice? At times I have given out of each of these wrong attitudes, which makes my giving worthless...

God doesn't need my help or generosity.  I need it...I need to be generous in order to be obedient and to gain an understanding that things and money are just a means to provide for the needs of others and to further His Kingdom.

So, would you say you are generous?

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