Saturday, May 5, 2012

saturday skype blessings

There is no greater blessing then to begin a day seeing and talking to the children in Cambodia that families at Crossroads support.

To watch parents bring their young children to Skype with the orphan they personally support moves me more than I can explain.

The opportunity to teach your children our responsibility to care for others around the world by SEEING and TALKING with them personally is beyond anything I experienced in the church as a child.  The children being raised by families at Crossroads that have 'adopted' a brother or sister from across the world can teach  responsibility in ways that missionaries never had the chance to do in the past.

Angie Mahek, a Praise Team member and our Shelby House Church pastor's wife and hostess , came walking in to the Skype event at Crossroads this morning with her 4 girls in tow.  It was precious to watch!

The girl they support sang the words "Worthy is the Lamb..." to them.  Oh My Goodness - the orphans teach us so much about mercy, and care and about appreciating the gift that Jesus Christ is to each of us!

Here is the song being sung from the lips of an orphan now in the care of Asia's Hope and supported by Angie's family.

And as if that wasn't enough - then to watch a big strong fully grown man - near tears, making 'heart' shapes with his huge hands to the little ones.....I lost it!

That perhaps is the best example I can think of to demonstrate the change that happens to us when we participate in serving others.  Regard for ourselves disappears, we don't care what others may think.  We know with confidence what God has called us to do.  And for our's a life lesson they'll never forget.

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