Saturday, August 7, 2010

why push

Pushing begins early in life. We push to be first, we push to be the best athlete in school, we push for the best grade, for scholarships and raises. But some where along the way we stop pushing and kind of settle in.

It is a curious thing when people that 'don't have to' push themselves - push anyway.

Fellow Director at Crossroads Deering Dyer text me while running 15 miles today. Are you kidding me?? I told him to jog by and I'd toss him an EGO Waffle, but by the time I saw the text he was back home soaking his feet. (sorry for the gross picture he sent me - it is being used to make a point)

Now all of us could just sit back and by watching our intake of food probably maintain, but what drives some people to push themselves to be physically fit while others try to remain comfortable? An interesting question.

I want to talk about more than just the physical aspect of our lives, Spiritually, on the job, caring for your family, volunteering at church, so, do you choose Easy or Difficult - Simple or Complex - Mediocre or Excellent... This discussion has nothing to do with the 'America Dream' whatever that has become, or sacrificing your family to earn higher wages and more stuff. God asks us to prepare well to be ready for whatever He calls us to.

Which pattern do you see in your own life - that of always taking the easy way out or that of always pushing further than required? I long to hear from my maker "well done"!

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Unknown said...

I have always been a runner...but not the same type of runner as Deering or my husband, Eric. I have spent my life running from everything!!! Family, problems, fears. I've settled for comfortable, when I could strive for more. I hide when I could step out a do something more.

That is...until a couple years ago. That's when God called me again and I stopped running. Comfort is fine if that's all you want. But I've found that I miss out, when comfort is all I'm seeking. Comfort fills MY needs (sort of), but does nothing to meet the needs of others or to further the kingdom of God.

If I know nothing about the God that I believe in, then how can I share him with others. If I had not stepped out (way out) of my comfort zone, I could not share the gift that God has blessed me with.

I've not reached a point where I'm good at pushing.....but I'm getting better at it.

PS: I don't know what picture would be worse.....Deering's feet or those Gorilla-feet shoes he wears. LOL