Friday, August 6, 2010

I just want order

Have you ever felt like your life is so busy that you cannot even begin to make progress? Especially on something new?

That is where I am right now!Just as I thought things would settle down Ron and I ended up moving our daughter to Boston at the beginning of this week. We certainly wanted to see her apartment and make sure they were safely there, but, it just seemed to begin another week of being too tired to think.

I need to crawl out of it quickly, I have a couple new projects I need to create as well as details of 2 September events that I am really excited about.

This picture shows the contents of my purse and the bag I carried to Boston to work on, and back and forth from the office all week long. The pile contains, thank you cards to be finished from the wedding, coupons that need to be organized in order to make my grocery list and fill our empty refrigerator, bills to pay, the meager beginning of a few work projects and a lot of reading I was hoping to have done by now.

I show you this, and write this not for sympathy, this coming week promises routine - but for suggestions.

A friend of our son's said to me tonight as we rushed in after work and prepared to rush back out to help friends that were moving, "you need to just sit down and relax!" I honestly feel like that is impossible right now.

My question to all of you is this, are you all better at a slower pace than I am? If so, tips please!

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