Saturday, August 21, 2010

reunion today

It is with a little sadness I put my scalloped potatoes into the oven today in preparation for my family reunion. Preparing food brings to mind all the dishes my aunts are known for. Over the years you begin to look forward to family specialties. This year some of the most popular dishes and some of the dearest relatives will be missing.

We have lost several aunts, an uncle and cousin this past year. These deaths leave huge holes among my relatives. Hard to lose people that make up your extended family. Just doesn't seem right to have a reunion without them.

I guess a part of my sadness is also due to the fact that in the near future there may be no more gatherings with extended relatives. It is natural of course for younger cousins to eventually begin their own traditions and so they will.

Today as I go, I plan to video tape and take tons of pictures. This past year has shown our family like never before how quickly life changes. I will do my best to catch as much of it as I can so the memory of our family will linger just a little longer.

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