Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a lot to learn

Right now there are more things I want to learn how to do than any other time in my life!

I plan to use the winter months to dig in and learn! First I need to save some money - then I'll begin! Everything I want to do is connected to design and computers. We shall see!

So...what would you like to learn how to do if time and cash was not limiting you? Leave me a comment I would love to know!

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Unknown said...

For years, I have wanted to learn to read music. I learned to play piano/keyboards and to sing by ear. This is fine except when you want to open up a book and play what's on the page.

For several years my playing trickled down to almost non-existant because I did not have (could not justify) the time to play for a hobby. A hobby was just not important enough.

But, since beginning my new life a couple years ago, I have been learning what I have always wanted to learn, thanks to a certain staff at Crossroads, and of course thanks to God who has reignited my passion. I could think of no better justification than using my music to glorify a God who put such beautiful music into my life.

Aside from reading music....I would love to learn to paint (scenery, portraits, whatever).