Tuesday, August 31, 2010

amazing or frightening

There is a little 10 year old girl making waves right now. Her voice has the maturity of a seasoned performer!

I worry about where fame will take her...I watched footage of her brother swinging and laughing with her without a care in the world...that carefree childhood vanished instantly when she took the stage. Her name is Jackie Evancho.

click here to watch this little one sing

I don't know what to hope for her - I almost hope she doesn't win...for her own sake.

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Unknown said...


I totally agree, Lori. There have been so many young people who have seen fame come too fast and have been destroyed by it. The mere loss of innocence alone makes my heart ache for these young people. Many of them consequently deal with eating disorders, drug addiction, depression.

But in this world, there seems to be fewer and fewer limits to our sources of entertainment. Kids are expected to achieve and perform at such early ages. And it's sad that parents are allowing and sometimes promoting the exploitation of their own children.

No matter if she wins or not, she has been discovered and there will be someone waiting to scoop her up and promise her the world.

It's so important that we teach our kids what a true identity is, not what makes us "someone" by this worlds standards.