Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about Crossroads lately. Yes, I am an employee. Yes, I work on something that has to do with Crossroads most everyday - that's what ministry is. But, beyond that...

I have watched a lot of video from other ministries lately, found some 'how to's' to pass on. But mostly it's made me realize what we have.

We are not perfect , we are just a bunch of people searching for God together. We make mistakes in our journey, we can always do better in our journey and we are sometimes slow to reach any kind of maturity. But we move together.

We have lost several that we know and love recently - in those very same weeks we have been blessed with several new lives. New lives to teach, new lives to love.

We all need to look outside occassionally to see what is inside - we are not perfect but we are Crossroads a community moving toward God together.

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Kym Lamb said...

Thank you for this post Lori.

The longer you are at a church you are bound to find something or someone that could send you running in the other direction.

After all, as you said, churches are run by humans and we know what that means. We are flawed...

But the longer you stay with a church and actively involve yourself in that church you will find another remarkable fact...the test of a church is how it handles these human "flaws".

A church matures through these events and the congregation matures because of these "imperfections".

A relationship that is not tested is not a relationship.

We miss those that leave, pray them well on their journeys and then turn our attention to those, who for at least this moment, worship in our walls.