Thursday, August 5, 2010

who is the most blessed

I was talking with some of the Prayer Team the other day and we began to discuss things coming up at Crossroads, including the Mission trip to Cambodia.

We began to talk about how difficult it is to understand why God chooses to bless us, especially here in America with so much when so much of the world lives in poverty.

One of the girls asked this and I cannot stop thinking about it.

Are we really the most blessed? With all of our stuff we still want more, yet satisfied enough with our stuff not to really need God, at least not until something goes wrong with our perfect life.

The believers my friends have had contact with overseas live a completely content life. They spend large amounts of time studying the Bible and praying, always praying. They have no distraction from their dependence on the Lord. They see Him in every need that is met.

So, who do you think the most blessed really are? Us or them?

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