Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what I learned today

Today I learned more than I ever cared to know about a Plasma Cutter.

I learned that this tool would make our creation of the Crossroads Christmas Set Design a piece of cake - slicing metal as if it were cake.

I also learned that none of the Tool rental businesses have any to rent!

Bummer. So tonight all the Crossroads artists will gather to take a look at our second hand metal and decide what will be used and what will not. We will then create our templates and finally attempt to cut without a plasma cutter!

Again I say yay to the concept of a small group that also serves as a team. Common interests foster very, very connected groups. This can be true whether it is a group connected by a 'job to do' or connected by common age or life experience.

I feel sad when I watch people on the weekends enter - walk straight to the auditorium and leave the same way - never connecting. Yes, we can come and grow in Christ through the teachings we hear, but how much richer our learning can be when truly connected to others.

What I learned today is that even a plasma cutter - or lack of one can be used as a connection tool when used to create something bigger than ourselves.

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