Friday, November 20, 2009

Weird day

Work = details for the weekend finished
Directors meeting
filing done
phone calls returned

next...... Milliron recycling - pink hardhat just for me!
scrap for our stars for the Christmas set design at Crossroads
preparing for the artists to create stars on Tuesday

home.....ironing done
more Christmas cards written
volunteers Christmas gifts done

I LOVE variety. This can be good and this can be very bad. Focus is necessary to accomplish GREAT things.

Focus is necessary to mature and learn. Focus is necessary to hear and understand when God speaks.

I confess, focus is not one of my greatest attributes.

FOCUS - to concentrate: to focus one's thoughts.

To focus one's thoughts...I have wasted a lot of time in my life feeling guilty about a lack of concentration, feeling guilty about a lack of accomplishment in the stereo-typical way, feeling like I need to work twice as hard as everyone else to get anywhere.

I am so thankful NOW to be in a place where my talents can be used, where people truly care about me and where I want to be. I feel close to God there. I feel surrounded by friends there and I even get to be with my husband there. God is so good.

We each bring something unique to the plate, we each are created by a Sovereign God, we each happened on purpose - even if our earthly creation was considered an accident!

I love the variety in my life and I look forward to all the many things God will once again bring into my life tomorrow!

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