Saturday, November 7, 2009

change agent

Have you ever thought of yourself as change agents? You can be!

You know, it is so easy right now to focus on all the negative stuff going on in our country and in our news. Do you know that only about 100 people control all of Americas secular media? So why do we give them such power by cowering and believing what we hear when we KNOW the truth of God, the ONLY truth?

What if we all believed we could do something to change it with God's help?

Our community could be greatly affected for Christ if we each believed with all of our hearts that God has placed us exactly where he wants us. All of you that have jobs you don't really like, all of you that have bosses that are unfair or unkind, all of us no mater what your circumstance are can become agents of change.

Sometimes I think people have gotten the impression from the church that working within ministry or at least the times you serve at church are the only true things that are important. You could not be more wrong! God needs you to be right where you are. Give the people you spend your days with hope, they are desperate for something to believe in. It is no mistake you have been placed right where you need to be.

I encourage you all this week to make one change. What can you change as a testimony to those around you? A more positive attitude, an attitude of help, whatever it is let your light shine! Look for opportunities to live for God no matter where you are home, work, school or church.

If you want to list your name, and place of employment, I will pray for you this week! Be an agent of change for the Kingdom of God which never, ever changes!

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