Saturday, November 28, 2009

did you go out

Did you go out today?

I was out by 6:30.

Went into 2 different stores, turned around and went right back to my car. I did pick up a few things eventually.

After passing Starbucks 3 times because the line was so long, I finally had to have coffee - so I pulled in - needed COFFEE - after sitting for a while in line, my hubby called just as I finally was approaching the speaker. I drove right past the order speaker! The frightening part is I didn't even realize it until, as I pulled up to the window still talking, the bewildered guy tried to hand me something I didn't order... He was NOT! He was a good sport and did let me buy a coffee!

I have to say, I was not proud of people's behavior today. I heard news of a broken leg at WalMart here in my hometown! And they temporarily closed Toys R Us due to some sort of disturbance! Oh my goodness, come on people!

As I was slowly making my way along the main drag today thinking about Christmas, I wondered how it ever became this? Some of the ridiculous items I saw for sale were such an example of creating something because we already have everything we could possibly need! More stuff to store, to collect, to pile up somewhere - in a drawer, in a closet or basement.

God sent His son knowing this is what we would do with this time of the year.

I LOVE this season, I am so blessed to know Christ. And despite the fact that I too was out early this morning, I will remember what He did for me. I will worship Him during this season. And I will love and treat those I come in contact with as He would - as much as I am humanely able...

Join me - treat people Christ like. We have a huge opportunity to reach the lost during this season. They are searching - and it's not for a gift or silly collectible. We have want they want, let's show them what we have that they don't have, what they can't buy. Our actions speak loudly during this often stressful time of the year while everyone around us runs, pushes and yells!

Did you go out today? Was it a good experience?

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Deb said...

I made the trip out for Black Friday. Black appears to be the appropriate color to describe the mood and behavior of some, but not all of the shoppers. I originally had no desire to be out in the crowds. I volunteered to stay with my grand-kids so my daughter-in-law could shop. She said she had anxiety about going out alone, so I went with her and Grandpa stayed with the kids. We were in Walmart at 5 a.m. The sounds of yelling and screaming, gave me such chills and a feeling of dread. The squad was called to take the woman out that had her leg injured. On the other side of the store a fight had broken out. I was asking one of the floor supervisors a question and he had to leave to go to where the action was. I did find the $3.00 P.J.s I ended up down on the floor handing out sizes and styles of P.J.s that the other shoppers were looking for. At Target, standing in line for check out being controlled by one of the Ontario Police Officers, he told of the fights at Toys R Us causing the store to be closed. Yesterday morning was a very unsettling, disturbing experience. I did get the PJ's and $25.00 printer. Would I make the decision to go out again? I am going to have to think real long and hard about going again next year. Maybe Tammy will find a new shopping partner for next year and I will stay with the kids.