Wednesday, November 25, 2009

just one day

I am blogging while waiting for my daughter to wake up so we can bake together.

I only have this one day with her before she goes to Boston for Thanksgiving. Tough, very tough!

Today we will bake our families 'secret roll recipe' - and she will share it with her boyfriends family instead of ours.

This makes me very proud in many ways - she is growing up to be an amazing woman of God - but makes me sad as well.

It is ironic that in every instance I can think of when we let something go, we also get something back. As our kids connect and network with school, ministry and friends, they make life decisions that bring other people and things into our lives. Some good, some bad. And really all we can do is pray.

Parenting used to be much easier when we could just make all the decisions! Now we try to hold our opinions until just the right time, or until they ask, more and more often not sharing them at all. Unless of course we know they are doing something obviously wrong.

So we send her off tonight with a family a year and a half ago we didn't even know and tomorrow I will be try to be thankful for kids who are growing independent of us, as it should be. Just wish they didn't have to be independent so far away!

The good news is our son will arrive with his girlfriend tomorrow night - so we get to spend time with Eric tomorrow!! Very thankful for that! I hope your loved ones are close - hold them tightly and TELL them how much you love them!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone - I won't be blogging !


Steve Browning said...

Lori, the good news is that one day you'll have grandkids. When that day comes you can do many of the events with them. It all goes around in wonderful circle! And you can spoil them more than you did your own kids.

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I wonder if our own parents felt this way? I was the fifth, so my mom was probably happy to get me out on my own! lol
Happy Thanksgiving...