Sunday, November 8, 2009

weekend report

Great weekend with communion. I had at least 4 people that told me they felt it was one of the best if not the best service they have ever attended at Crossroads! WOW!

It was very simple and very meaningful for our congregation. We usually celebrate communion on the First Wednesday of each month, but, try to have teach on communion and include it on the weekend at least once each month. It was amazing!

Our setlist:

Instrumental: Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart
Jesus Lover of My Soul - Hillsong
All Creatures Of Our God and King - Passion
Facedown - Matt Redman
Message: What is the meaning of the Lord's Supper?
Communion Elements taken: Facedown repeated
Prayer with Elders at front of auditorium: acoustic guitar
Final Song: Amazing Grace

To watch our services on Monday go to

To see what other ministries did around the country go to Fred McKinnon's site.


Anonymous said...

We haven't done Facedown in a long time. It is such a good song - time to bring it back, perhaps next communion service.

David said...

So do tell... is there any significance behind using Year of the Cat ???


But regardless of that, sounds like a wonderful day!

Lori Biddle said...

No significance - our worship leader created a great arrangement of the song incorporating the band he had to work with and it was great!!

We find our time together begins much more focused when we use an instrumental.