Sunday, November 29, 2009

weekend report

Tough, tough subject but God honored Pastor Tim's commitment to honestly proclaim God's Word!

We continued our "Answers" series this weekend with a teaching based on the congregations submitted questions. Tim received several questions regarding homosexuality and decided it was time to teach on the difficult subject. Clarifying what the Word says as well as clearly stating where our ministry stands in regard to this issue. It is easy to teach on things the 'tickle' people's ears, but, when tough questions come, it takes clear - honest teaching and that is what we heard this weekend! You can watch the service on Monday at

Our set list:

This is Your Song Tommy Walker
Stay Amazed
New Doxology
announcements - Bill Hill
Inside Out - Hillsong
Exit Song - Inside Out

To see what other ministries used in their services this weekend go to Fred McKinnons site.

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