Friday, November 6, 2009

true thankfulness

Billy Graham said, "the only true thankfulness comes when you cannot return the favor and all you can do is say, thanks."

That really stuck with me when I heard it, and I think it is really true! When I think of the times I was the most thankful, they truly are the times I couldn't pay it back to the giver.

There is a certain amount of arrogance involved I suppose when you refuse to except a gift from someone. I have had friends from time to time try to give me things or help me in some way when I know they didn't have the finances or the time to help me. They wanted to give and I refused their help or gifts. So was I the only loser in these cases? No. I also robbed them of the pleasure of giving.

Who knows through the years what my pride or independence toward others has cost me, and them. It is not right to be greedy and ask for what you don't need, but, I suppose it is equally wrong to rob others of what they would like to give...

So, from this point on I will except all gifts...JUST KIDDING...

I do hope to get over myself and my desire to 'do it myself' without others. I think I'll begin right now...I'm tired.

As we move toward Thanksgiving and are reminded of how ridiculously much we ALL have, be genuinely grateful and receive as well as give.

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