Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what I learned today

I am going to try something new. Although it is possibly more common to study the Word in the mornings, I'm going to try switching to the end of the day. We will see how it goes.

My thinking is this: It will require me to be more disciplined with my evenings (less tv and computer)! Also, I would love to begin working out in the mornings instead of afternoons - big 'would love to'! The final thing is, I hope it will make me go to bed earlier and go to bed pondering something God wants to teach me. We will see...

Tonight I studied the story of the disciples fishing, just a normal night. A frustrating work day producing - no fish! This is bad if your livelihood depends on fish. This was their routine, day in and day out, fishing. And then Christ walked into their routine day and it became anything but routine! It became amazing!

My study today challenged me to consider when the last time was that I was amazed by God? Typically for me amazement is easy anytime I am out in nature, no matter the weather. But due to the amount of time we have been inside this winter with extremely cold temperatures, I have not gotten my fix of nature for quite some time. Still, God has amazed me in other ways.

He has opened doors recently that I could have only dreamed of in the past. He has chosen this time to amaze us in new ways! When God walks into our routines, ordinary days become amazing!

When Jesus told the disciples to throw there nets on the other side of the boats in deep water after they had fished all night, they couldn't have know how utter amazement of this Christ was about to change everything! After obeying Him their nets were full, something they couldn't accomplish themselves. They knew at that moment they would follow Him anywhere!

Obedience allows God to reveal himself, even when we don't understand fully what He is asking us to do. He has made us all fishers of men, and that is why we follow God's call on our life, to be used of Him is all that matters. To be chosen and used of Him is amazing! That is what I learned today!

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