Saturday, February 21, 2009

serving our Crossroads community

I love planning, creating anything where I get to take a small idea and build it into something bigger, complete. From discussing future projects with the Directors of Crossroads, to building an entire service from a single idea and then trying to organize all the little details that go into it... What a privilege! A challenge that never grows easier! Actually the longer I work at this the more difficult it becomes.

Difficult in the sense that I never want our services to become repetitive, boring or less than excellent! In most cases the longer you work somewhere the more you take things for granted and become relaxed. This can never happen in my work! So I start over each week knowing it is only God's grace that reveals new ways to communicate the NEVER changing Word of God!

We have several extremely exciting things coming up this year, I'll share more when I have all the details in place! Until then I continue to treasure each day I get to serve the amazing Crossroads community!

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