Thursday, February 19, 2009

I see myself

I often find myself talking about my kids...I miss them at college. It is hard to imagine that through the ages parents have felt the same way about their kids, we all think our relationships are unique just to us.

As I was reading today about Zebedee the father of James and John I was reminded we are not so different from one another. Beth Moore describes Zebedee as being like every father, a father whose sons grew up playing by his side. "They probably played around even behind Zebedee's back when they should have been working as teenagers." And then she went on to say, "Just about the time Zebedee grew exasperated with them, he'd look in their faces and see himself."

This is so true! I see myself in them, the same occasional wrong decision, angry words or worry about things over which I have no control. Biblical mothers and fathers felt the things we feel, were frustrated by things that frustrate us and loved their children just as much as we love ours!

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