Monday, February 9, 2009

my day off

My son skipped his college classes today to sleep in following a 'band van' breakdown that was a totally exhausting ordeal. Oh the days of youth. So when he eventually got up we took he and a friend out for breakfast, a nice way to begin our day off.

Following that I re-listened to an old message of Charles Stanley. A dear friend had given this to me a few weeks ago. It was amazingly relevant and a perfect compliment to the weekend's messages on prayer.

One of the key things Charles said was, "in the midst of trouble you need to think of the trouble as coming from God, not the people around you". That stunned me. I had never thought about it that way before. But, if we truly believe God is sovereign, then He is the one that gives permission for trouble to come into our lives. We then have to decide how we will react when trouble comes, when we feel like we are surrounded by the enemy.

Our decision should be to 'stand in prayer'. Only through prayer can solutions come, can a close walk with God come, can relief from trouble come. Charles went on to say that when we are being targeted or unjustly accused, we should fall on our faces in prayer. Let God reveal the wrongs of others, and do not fight back. Wow, that is a tough assignment! I just want to explain, fight back, tell my side of the story! But honestly, that never brings glory to God, never.

I am so thankful for more experienced people in ministry that we can learn from. Men that go before us, that have experienced the same things as we have and in some cases much worse. I value the older wiser believers in my life more than ever before!

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