Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lights out

I waited to write on my blog until 11:00 tonight. Big mistake, no internet! No electricity! Wind gusts of 60 miles per hour!

But, God is good and we got through a great, great night of ministry at Crossroads with only one front door broken, and several lost umbrellas! Pastor Tim’s ongoing study in Hosea is extraordinary. And there was a whole lot of ministry going on!!

As soon as the service was over the ministry went into high gear! Our MOCK (Moms of College Kids) group began packaging Valentine care packages for our Crossroads kids that are away at school. These moms packed up the goodies and prayed over all the envelopes for God’s protection and blessing on our kids.

Meanwhile the drama team was busy working on the drama “Prayer Perplexity”, a script from the WillowCreek Church, in preparation for this weekend’s services. This drama, though short and simple is full of “sound affect’ transitions and great acting. Following this weekend’s performance, the teams focus will turn to preparing for Easter!

As all of this was going on, lists were being made to replenish the cafĂ© supplies when we do a Sam's run on Thursday, just as I heard this conversation the volunteer cleaning team began to work. The Roadie team started to reset the stage preparing for the weekend services. Hospital visitation was also being planned for the rest of the week based on our congregation’s needs at the same time our fearless parking lot attendants were assisting people back out into the wind and into their cars safely!

Nothing is more fun than watching God’s people use their gifts to serve on another! I’m exhausted, but it was a great day!

As I finished writing this and saved it until the internet was back up, I went to bed with flashlight in hand only to wake up to an odd smell a while later when the electric decided to come back on. Something smelled terrible!! I was boiling eggs for egg salad sandwiches today and forgot to turn the burner off when the electric went off!

Have you ever smelled hard boiled eggs when they no longer resemble eggs, when they become one with the bottom of the pan? My flashlight revealed what my nose had suspected, no egg salad for lunch today! Nasty!

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