Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nothing too important

I was a little discouraged by the end of today when I just didn’t get quite as much done as I was hoping to. Part of the problem was interruptions (most of which were welcomed because I am easily bored); other interruptions were just things that needed my attention. In either case it equaled a disappointing accomplishment!

So in some ways it felt like a “not too important” day. What is an important day? I guess a day with big accomplishments, important appointments, equipment that works flawlessly, people returning my calls and answering emails I send, a new volunteer recruited and trained, phone calls from college with exciting news from my kids…

Once I faced my discouragement with my Wednesday, I asked myself what would have made the day feel important; I was ashamed of what I considered important. At least in most of the instances.

The Midweek teaching continued in Hosea 4, and one of Pastor Tim’s statements was, “whatever you are putting first place in your life is your idol”. So looking at my list of ‘importance’, what were my idols? Accomplishments, my kids, another volunteer for my Department? Trivial, (well, surely my kids aren’t trivial? Are they?) Not trivial in God’s eyes, but at my most honest place I admit I have put them first before God at times…

Every day God gives is an important day; the only thing that separates important from unimportant is what my idol becomes each day. Nothing too important is not found in God’s vocabulary, only in mine.

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