Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what I learned today

Whenever I am quiet, whenever I study, God is there. I move so fast, I read and look at so many blogs, websites and articles that I seldom completely digest anything. I pick and choose the bits a pieces that jump out at me, but often do not look at anything in it's complete context. Shamefully the same sometimes applies even to my Bible study.

Today I sat down on my deck, like I try to do each Tuesday, determined to learn whatever it was God has for me. He was waiting.

My study of God's word was deep, intentional, rewarding. Did I understand every word, was I able to apply everything I read immediately to my life, of course not. But, I was obedient, I expressed my desire to know Him more, and He was waiting.

After Bible study, I turned my undivided attention to work. This time determined to thoroughly read what I find, see if there is content that God wants me to share or apply to our ministry. Because we have needed to focus on getting into a building of our own (which God amazingly provided!!!), we have not been able to get out of our own ministry to experience services or conferences. This is not necessarily a negative because of my complete love of our own ministry, but I slowly have lost contact with other leaders who are serving in my area of ministry. I have lost touch with creativity different from my own. Talk about guilt! I am responsible to champion this in our ministry.

Several months ago our staff was challenged to create blogs. This has opened the entire world back up to me! Right from my deck!

By spending a portion of time to searching other worship sites, blogs and articles, I feel myself rejuvenated toward creativity. I couldn't be more excited about our ministry! I have just this past week had conversations with 2 very high profile worship leaders here in the US. They talked to me! Really willing to help us! How cool is that?

Now back to my original paragraph, just this morning as I sat down to finish a project, God brought one piece after another to my attention. I am so thankful I shut everything off, took my computer out of the house and just listened. He is good and I am almost done!

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Kym Lamb said...


Thank you for sharing. I find I have the same trouble slowing down to listen. I can't wait to see how go moves in you! You are so amazing at sharing your gifts of magnification of Christ.