Monday, September 29, 2008

my day off

My day off went quickly. It was an entire day of errands. Five minutes here, five minutes there, gone!

5 minutes to drink coffee
5 minutes to get gas
5 minutes to deposit my daughters check
5 minutes to mail some letters
5 minutes to drop off a picture to my mother-in-law
5 minutes to look for fabric for a chair I'm recovering
5 minutes to go through a drive thru restaurant
5 minutes to talk on the phone (0k, so several 5 minutes calls!)
5 minutes to send an email
5 minutes to read an email
5 minutes to write a blog

As my day off drew to an end I thought back to Pastor Tim's teaching in the "One Month To Live" series this weekend. If I had only one month to live would I have spent my time the same way? In the light of eternity was my day significant?

How do you feel about the accomplishments of your day? If you had one month to live would you have spent today differently? Please leave a comment answering these questions!

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Kym Lamb said...


I was encourage to see you drawing on the Series One Month to Live - I'm blogging and video journaling the next 30 days to keep me accountable. here is the link