Saturday, September 6, 2008

pre-service jitters

Yes it's true. I still get nervous before every service. It's been 10 years of services, it doesn't matter, I'm still terrified. I could rest in the fact that we have tried to cover all the bases and prepare in an excellent way. But no service ever goes perfectly, well at least not by my standards. The great thing is I have many people around me that care as much as I do about the details!

After rehearsal, we meet to talk through all the technical aspects of the service as well as transitions and solos making sure that nothing has changed that we are unaware of. Sometimes conversations go on between the singers or band members where slight changes are made unknown to us. This meeting is vital to find out those kinds of details. Our lighting is pre-programmed so we cannot manually make changes with the lights on the fly. We have to all be on the same page.

Steve Browning our Media Coordinator asked all the team to spread throughout the auditorium to pray for the person that would be sitting in the seats at the services this weekend. It was cool to watch everyone move around the auditorium covering it in prayer. He thought this would help prepare out team's hearts for the evening's message on prayer as well as cover our congregation in prayer.

Below is a picture of me and the 3 Steve's all running technical areas of our service. Notice our lovely headsets! These save many steps allowing us to talk from our various stations. Several of us have wireless headsets so we can walk around. (They know I can't sit still!)

Well, it is off to begin another service. I have the pre-service jitters once again, but God is greater than my shortcomings. So I set out bravely to see what surprises tonight will bring!
I thank the Lord for the amazingly talented group of staff and volunteers I get to work with at every service at Crossroads!

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