Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what I learned today

Tuesday is my study day. I love Tuesday's!

Today as I was preparing to sit down and read, I came across an article on line that contained the following, If we find our authenticity and identity in Christ, we’ll have to be prepared to stop judging our effectiveness by how people respond to us. We’ll no doubt be misunderstood by some. But we won’t, as some people fear, be disregarded or discredited for speaking or acting in each given situation according to the need.

I have a tendency to care deeply about people's perception of me or something I've done, especially related to ministry. Ministry sometimes feels more personal to me than my own life. The above statement hit me right between the eyes. ...we'll no doubt be misunderstood by some...man, that's the understatement of the world. There are many decisions made in ministry that just cannot be shared openly with everyone, leaving anyone not satisfied to jump to conclusions and judge. Obviously there are times when leadership decisions can be wrong, but even when they are Godly, we may be misunderstood. Our identity must always be in Christ then we can rest in that.

I have comforted many through the years of ministry that do not receive the response they expected after speaking to a group or presenting a new exciting idea that they are sure God gave them. In these times of less than supportive responses, we have to understand that we are leaders, we are called to lead even when the people we lead do not get it. If our ideas and teachings are from the Lord they will not be disregarded! Others understanding may come in time, but regardless of response we must remain obedient in our calling. Leading is lonely, but never more so then when we judge our effectiveness on others responses...

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