Thursday, September 4, 2008

power of prayer

I launched a new Magnification Ladies group this morning. Seven of us met at 6:30 a.m. before every one's day began.

We met at Panera Bread for coffee, to share prayer requests and life. I feel a new freedom (without guilt), since my kids are gone to invest freely in others. I took prayer journals for the girls and we poured out our prayer requests to one another. We all wrote each one down and committed to hold one another up in prayer for the next two weeks until we meet again.

I challenged them is to expect God to work, watch for even unconventional ways He may answer or begin to answer. We were all aware that God sometimes chooses not to answer for a time so we all encouraged one another to 'wait on the Lord', but to be very faithful in prayer. I wrote Matthew 21:22 in the front of each journal and asked them to investigate that little verse. Does it mean exactly what it says? Are we taking it out of context by claiming this little verse alone?

I look forward to investigating God's promises connected to prayer. And guess what? The weekend teaching just happens to be on prayer as well!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Another new small group!