Thursday, September 4, 2008

ron rocks

I haven't said a lot about my husband Ron in my blog so far. I thought it was about time! (He's the cute guy in the picture! We've been married 30 years on Monday, and I still think he's cute!) Last night at Crossroads we had a good old fashioned ice cream social!

Ron became the Director of Membership at Crossroads just a couple months ago. Up to that time he had been the Operations/Chief of Staff guy. God has moved Ron "into the right seat on the bus" so to speak. Although he was amazing at his first staff position, moving us through a building project among many other things, now he is serving in his top gifted area! He loves to connect people, to build the body. He also LOVES ice cream - and so the logical first membership event involved both ice cream and the amazing people of Crossroads! Genius!

What a perfect evening... communion followed by an awesome time of prayer followed by ice cream and fellowship!

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Lily said...

Congratulations! Thirty years is an awesome milestone. May the next thirty years be equally filled with blessing as the two of you serve in ministry together.

(and an ice cream social pretty much rocks, as far as congregational get-togethers go!) :-)