Sunday, September 14, 2008

blown away

The services are over for another weekend, all went really well! The hustle and bustle of greeting attendees, instructing volunteers, connecting with perspective members, hurrying across a busy lobby to touch a struggling sister in Christ and all the clean up afterward has ended for now. I am blown away by the obvious ways God was present at Crossroads this weekend. Now it is time for rest.When I need rest I go to my deck, no one talking, no music, no noise, just me and God and His fabulous nature!

I am sitting with my back against the side of my house to avoid flying debris and to avoid being blown away!! We are beginning to see the affects of the hurricanes, one of our trees just fell across the road. My husband is now moving all our cars down to our open field to avoid branches. Our dog just ran and hid in the barn! But I am memorized! I can't go in! The clouds are moving the opposite direction of normal, crazy but awesome! So maybe it is not exactly a calm serene scene, but somehow natures' chaos is still comforting. Maybe it is knowing I bare no responsibility for it.

Up to a minute ago it was just me the wind and my thoughts, but they have been disrupted by a familiar sound left over from summer. My son's band is practicing with garage door open. He is home from college and trying to squeeze in a quick practice before returning. I am blown away by my son...(Eric is on the left)

You'll have to excuse me while I soak up his sound before it leaves me once again.

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Anonymous said...

Loved reading your blog but more importantly....loved seeing you at the fair today! You are a treasure, a blessing, and it always seems like I really just talked to you yesterday! Awesome memories..... God's love is totally real and amazing and I love hearing about all of the things you do! Much Love to you and Ron-