Wednesday, September 10, 2008

very full day

This day was full from beginning to end. I led our first large programming meeting this morning where we invited several of our volunteer praise team members. They came prepared and we moved through the five weeks of services we had to program as quickly as we could for an hour and half . We accomplished more than I ever thought possible in so little time. I was very happy with the results of this meeting!

Then it was off to my home town of Ashland to a funeral for one of my uncles. He was a Christ follower and it was definitely a celebration of his life. He lived 95 years.

I met my parents there and rode with them to the graveside. Of course with my dad nothing can ever be ordinary. Instead of getting in line with the rest of the relatives, my dad had his car waiting at the back of the parking lot so we could make our escape! We went right to our car and away we went while the rest of the family obediently lined up behind the hearse.

We pulled into the graveyard and parked our car pointing toward the exit so as not to get parked in. We then walked around the graveyard with 20+ minutes to read all the gravestones before the others arrived. Finally the rest of our family arrived and we proceeded with the burial. The pastor did a great job and ended in prayer. By the time I opened my eyes my dad was already climbing in his car and was waving for us to get in.

He wanted to get a head start so he could make a stop on the way back to the meal that awaited us at the church. That stop was at an Amish home. We all climbed back out of the car and went into the basement which of course was dark because of no electricity. I walked around trying to see what was for sale in the basement wondering why this stop couldn't have waited until some other day. Only my family would stop on a funeral day to shop at an Amish home. We bought several chunks of cheese, some eggs and candy and climbed back in the car. We then hurried back to the church to eat with the rest of the family.

After this I headed back to church to finish the work day. We still had a Midweek service to get ready!

The service was amazing, worship was awesome and I was very thankful once again to be part of Crossroads!! You can watch tonight's message at

Now I am at home with my husband sitting on the couch and eating Frosted Flakes! Life is good!

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