Monday, June 27, 2016

my day off

I often talk to people at church that speak of the things and places that help them relax after working all week.   Places at The Lakes, amazing vacations or beautiful places to eat out.

Again, I guess that's just not my idea of a day off.  Waking up when I want to, eating oatmeal on my deck, enjoying perfect weather that allows me to read God's Word and pray outside...these are what my soul longs for!  And today, finally, I have that type of morning to enjoy.  I am forever grateful!

Before going outside,  I sorted and created piles of laundry to be done, pulled my little laundry rack out to our deck and settled into my favorite chair - I drew in a deep breath and as I exhaled I began to praise Him.

When all is well praises are sometimes few.  When you walk through trials your appreciation deepens for even the most 'regular day'.

My devotions took me to several scriptures this morning, one of which was found in I Timothy - telling of Paul's persecution and his words that remind us that ALL who believe will be persecuted...

Persecution can of course come in all shapes and sizes, it can be physical, mental, imagined, disappointments that we choose to dwell on, mistreatment from people we considered friends and on and on....

So far today it's peaceful and event free - this time prepares me for what lies ahead.  My schedule is no more demanding than anyone else's, but the Lord knew how much I needed a regular day - and I rejoice in it and rest fully in it!

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