Sunday, July 3, 2016

weekend report

Man, where has this week gone??

We're already in week 2 of the Ecclesiastes series, and it is SO good!   I think we may have come close to a record number of people requesting a CD of the message - I'm so thankful for the amazing teacher we have in Pastor Dave.

As I left the auditorium today, I heard music so I went to see were it was coming from.

There I found beautiful worship in the Student Ministry area of the church and was moved to a deep thankfulness for all the faithful people that work to serve our kids and to teach them what worship is!

Student Ministry worship - so good!

After I left the Student Ministry area I still heard loud music that I did not recognize and discovered more precious worship in our Elementary room!  Oh my word - I was so excited to see this!

Amy will be leaving soon to begin her masters degree - thanks
for serving Amy!

The video booth is always a super focused area - bringing us lyrics and
all of Pastor Dave's fill ins and scripture as well as every video you see come from this booth!

 Our setlist:

 Dust In the Wind
Announcements on Video
10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)
Unbroken Praise
Jesus Paid It All
Ecclesiastes Bumper Video
Light Our City video - Pastor Dave talked to the congregation about serving and giving, and not just sitting on the sidelines.  Telling them that we need everyone to be involved!
Message: Ecclesiastes Pt. 2 - Lead Pastor Dave Vance
Exit Song:  Dust In The Wind

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 Have a great holiday  - I am so thankful for the freedom that allowed me to worship this weekend.

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