Monday, June 6, 2016

weekend report

Weekends come and weekends very fast.

After doing this for the past 19 years, I feel more dedicated then ever to the preciousness of this opportunity weekly!   We pray weekly that our collective work as a staff is used of the Lord to move people toward Him - EVER SINGLE WEEK.

This weekend was no exception - careful planning happened from the tiniest children's area to the most mature adult, we care for everyone so much!

Our praise team always works hard and I figured this weekend service in the main auditorium alone we collectively invested 120+ from the staff (that doesn't count the organizing of video stories etc.), and you figure every praise team member spent time rehearsing and memorizing music there were 6 volunteers on stage and that many behind the scenes technically to allow the service to happen.  I sing our volunteer's praises constantly as we work and play as if we're family - caring for one another and becoming closer each time we get to serve together!  What a privilege to be part of this!

Our Setlist:

Announcements on Video - Shanna Lehew

This I Believe
Holy, Holy, Holy
The Whole Earth
Come Lord Jesus (Even So Come)
Message:  Overwhelmed Pt. 3 - Depression - Lead Pastor Dave Vance
Special Music with video:  Through All Of It

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